Thank you for the Nordic IoT Hackathon 2016!

At the moment there is no Hackathon planned for 2017 but to see movies, photos and other fun stuff from 2016 have a look at the Facebook page: Here


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Winners 2016

PSALM - Russia 

“It feels great to be one of the winners for the second time in a row! We are really happy over the fact that the idea of saving lives make us win! The hackathon has been a great opportunity for us as a team and we did our absolute best to implement all of the provided technologies. ” – Vladimir Aluferov (RUS) – Invisual


Based on the data from people presence sensors our system can highlight windows that are most suitable for a rescue team to enter the building. In case of people trapped inside the building internal light system could be used for routing of rescuers. The system can show the firefighters whether there are people left in their building, where they can be found, and how to access the building.

Re-Empower - Canada, USA & Germany

“To be one of the winners today is great. I think that a lot of us came here for the opportunity to learn new things and we were actually taken off guard that we won, but it’s been excellent!” – Christoffer Thompson (CA) – Re-Empower


As the population of western nations ages, age related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia are on the rise. More and more cases of conditions that can severely limit a patient’s quality of life are being diagnosed each day, placing a large burden on spouses, families and caregivers.

Re-empower would be a technological solution to this burden. It would allow messages recorded by a loved-one or a caregiver to be played back to the patient upon different actions. These cues would be time-based: either individual one-time reminders, or repeated ones to deal with recurring problems like incontinence. These messages would be delivered by small devices that could present a useful message upon detecting motion in a specific region, or upon a button press. The system can include both static, home-based units, and mobile systems meant to be carried by patients.

Major design criteria of the units include low cost and simplicity to use. These are important because spouses of Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients tend to be older and less comfortable using complex technology. Households including someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia tend to have relatively little disposable income, as they often are affected in their primary money-earning years and have to pay for treatments and assistance. The modularity of the system would allow users to tailor a setup to their needs, and would allow it to be adapted as the patient’s condition progresses.


Be a part of the creation for the future of:

  • Intelligent Buildings
  • Intelligent Healthcare Establishments.


The event was organized by the former Head of Communications, Linda Malmgren, at Mobile Heights.

Mrs.Malmgren has several years of experience from the mobile and IT business. Mrs. Malmgren has been involved in several projects involving community engagement, conferences, hackathons, besides her key role as nurturing innovation and promoting companies from Skåne Region. She has been the key organizer of the Nordic IoT Hackathon since its foundation.

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Smart Transport – PSALM from Russia
“An original idea which made use of the technology to create a system that provides all kinds of useful feedback to the providers of public transport, and puts a tool in the hands of the users to be part of giving that feedback. The team made good use of the provided technology and showed great care to create a solution that can be made reality.”

Smart homes – Tweet the Heat from Finland
“An idea which made use of the technology while keeping the retro fit appliances in mind, as well as motivating people so save energy. Showed great diversity with perspectives from both the apartment owners and the tenants, with a good user interface and user experience.”

Best usage of MVD – HackLab from Spain
“The team adressed security concerns and solved actual problems with the device.
They worked on how to develop the device and put applications on top of it, and by doing that they added an extra dimension.”


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